Harmony Materials

Teaching Materials
Representative Samples of the materials I use in my NEC prep classes:

9 – intro to 4 part voice writing
20 – dandelot, bach, vii
Theory 2 Final pg 1
7 – analysis, triad practice

Score Samples

High Contrast (audio from The Olson Pingrey album Low Contrast)

Premonition (audio is a slightly different arrangement for saxophone quartet)


These are two videos from a gig earlier in 2015 with the Olson Pingrey Quartet, featuring:
Randy Pingrey on trombone
Kathy Olson on bari sax
Bruno Raberg on bass
and Austin McMahon on drums

Lester’s Lady – melody composed by Randy, trombone solo begins @ 2:36
Lead sheet here

Arranged by Randy, shout chorus and then trombone solo starts @ 2:41