Here is a collection of some of the projects I’ve worked on over the past few years.

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The Olson Pingrey Quartet

Listen to the OPQ Live!:

January 22nd, 2014

January 8th, 2013

February 6th, 2011

April 24th, 2010

December 10th, 2009 (our first concert!)

On the D.L. “by” Randy Pingrey

Tygart Valley by Kathy Olson

Stone Age Rhumba by Randy Pingrey (more info)

Blues for Mac by Kathy Olson

Reverie by Kathy Olson

My Waltz by Kathy Olson

Low Contrast by Randy Pingrey (more info)

Venus de Milo by Gerry Mulligan, arranged by Randy Pingrey

Kathy Olson: bari sax
Randy Pingrey: trombone
Mark Zaleski: bass
Austin McMahon: drums

Trio – A Melancholy Science

…my newest and strangest project!

From October 1st, 2009:

Variations on a Theme by Salvatore Pugliese

First Variation

Second Variation

Third Variation

Fourth Variation

Subsequent Variations

Randy Pingrey: tromone, piano, tape recorder, etc.
James Wylie: alto sax, tape recorder, etc.
Jerry Sabatini: trumpet, tape recorder, etc.

From the gig – June 26th, 2009:

Thriving Off a Riff

A Shrug of the Shoulders (Piece for Trio)

An Excuse for Laziness (formerly “Tapes”)

From the rehearsal – June 24th, 2009:

Thrashing on a Riff

Piece for Trio


Randy Pingrey: trombone, tapes
James Wylie: alto sax, clarinet, tapes
Joe Moffett: trumpet, tapes

Music for Chamber Ensemble

Unusual Afternoon



Artifact +P

The Double

Randy Pingrey: trombone
James Wylie: saxophone
Scott Halligan: cello
Assaf Shatil: piano

The Randy Pingrey Quartet Live at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA:

Kathy Olson Quartet

Live at La Luna Cafe in Cambridge, MA – June 20th 2009

Tea for Two – arranged by Randy Pingrey

Deed I Do – arranged by Randy Pingrey

On the D.L. – composed by Randy Pingrey

Smoochin’ – composed by Kathy Olson

Kathy Olson: bari sax
Randy Pingrey: trombone
Keigo Hirakawa: piano
Brad Barrett: bass

Live at La Luna Cafe in Cambridge, MA – August 21st, 2009

Low Contrast

Venus De Milo – composed by Gerry Mulligan, arranged by Randy Pingrey

Kathy Olson: bari sax
Randy Pingrey: trombone
Mark Zaleski: bass
Austin McMahon: drums

Duo with Joe Moffett

Enjoy Your Symptom!

Several Short Tunes/Just a Little Something

Joe Moffett: trumpet, tapes
Randy Pingrey: trombone, tapes

Duo with Scott Halligan

A Last Duet

Uncertain Climate

Improvisations with –
Randy Pingrey: straws, trombone
Scott Halligan: cello

Music from the Theater of Cruelty:

Red Moon Rising

Randy Pingrey: straws
Jacob Zimmerman: alto sax
Serhan Ekhol: alto sax
Matti Kovler: voice
Scott Halligan: cello
Lily Henly: violin
Assaf Shatil: piano

The Doomed Tuba Band

The Bird is Everywhere

This is Just to Annoy You

Kenny Pexton: clarinet/tenor sax
Aaron Kruziki: bass clarinet/alto sax
Randy Pingrey: trombone
Jobey Wilson: tuba
Michael Calabrese: drums

Just for fun:

…strange projects I’ve tinkered with…

Mystery Interlude

Tucker Antell: clarinet
Allan Chase: alto sax
Anna Hoffman: bari sax
John Replogle: trumpet
Randy Pingrey: trombone
Chris Gagne: trombone
Mark Zaleski: bass
Paul Geresy: drums

Baby Beluga – composed by Raffi, arranged by Randy Pingrey

The Comprovised All-Stars:
Randy Pingrey: trombone, plunger
Travis Alford: trumpet
Tanya Kalmanovitch: viola or violin
Dan VanHassel: piano
Kathryn Schulmeister: bass
Tom Schmidt: drums

All compositions, unless indicated otherwise, on this page are by Randy Pingrey.