More Solo Trombone Improvisations

For the past few months I’ve been working on solo trombone improvisations, but it’s been a while since I’ve thought about it much – I’ve been busy dealing with other issues.  However, just recently my friend James Wylie put on a concert of solo saxophone improvisations, and that inspired me to revisit the subject.

The music of the first generations of jazz trombonists has interested me more recently.  I’ve been checking out Miff Mole, Vic Dickenson, and Bill Harris in addition to the trombonists I was already into (viz. Teagarden, Dickey Wells, Lawrence Brown).  It’s that spirit that has been influencing me more and more.

These are also the first recordings I have with my new equipment – a Conn 6H – and it’s a horn I love to play.  It makes me feel much more connected to “the tradition”.  Whatever that means.

Here is my most recent work:






Feel free to download or stream – whatever you prefer.

And please come to the Rutman’s gig on December 10th!


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