2010 Gig Archive

January 2nd
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Wedding

January 3rd
Ira Davey at Church – 11 PM

February 12th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – @ Raffael’s in Nantasket (Hull), Mass. 8 – 11 PM

February 13th
Jason Belcher’s Thai Brass Explosion – 5:00 – 6:45 PM @ St. John’s Episcopal Church

Revere St. & Roanoke Ave., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
T Stop: Green Street on the Orange Line

We’ll be playing at a benefit marathon concert for St. John’s, the organization that hosted the Randy Pingrey Trio’s October 1st concert (thank you, St. John’s!).  Jason’s Thai brass project is truly a force not to be reckoned with, sure to entertain, provoke, and stupefy.  Please stop by!

February 15th
Jason Belcher’s Senior Recital – 8 PM @ NEC

February 18th & 19th
Guest Masterclass at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA with Kathy Olson

February 26th
Laura Grill’s Recital at NEC – 8:30 PM

March 6th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Red Cross Dinner/Dance in Freeport, Maine

March 7th
Randy Pingrey Trio at the Kaji Aso Studio in Boston, MA 7 – p PM
We’ll be opening for Shaw Pong Liu’s String Quartet Project!

Randy Pingrey – trombone
Ezra Weller – trumpet
Chris Vellieux – reeds
with very special guest Kathy Olson – flute

March 9th
Nick Grondin Big Band at the Regattabar

Buy tickets here.

March 13th
Brian Friedland TrioLa Luna Cafe

I’ll be playing as a special guest on a tune or two with Brian’s amazing trio!

March 14th
Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra plays the music of The Quartet of Happiness 7PM @ the YMCA in Cambridge, MA
It’s the QoH’s CD release show!

March 18th
James Wylie’s Recital at NEC – 8:30 PM in the Keller Room

March 23rd
Comprovised Collective at St. John’s Episcopal Church – 7:30 PM

Revere St. & Roanoke Ave., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
T Stop: Green Street on the Orange Line

Randy Pingrey – trombone
James Wylie – alto sax
Ezra Weller – trumpet

March 26th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Swingin’ like its 1941

April 3rd
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Wedding Reception in Cambridge, MA

April 17
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Swing Dance in Hardwick, MA 7:15 to 9:30 PM

April 18
3Bone at the Mobius Art Space 8 PM (in the South End of Boston)

Tom Plsek – trombone
Ryan Dragon – trombone
Randy Pingrey – trombone

April 24th
Olson Pingrey Quartet at La Luna Cafe 9 to 11 PM

Kathy Olson – bari sax
Randy Pingrey – trombone
Chad Gray – bass
Austin McMahon – drums

April 30th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Swing Dance at the Clarion Hotel – Hull, MA

May 1st
Beantown Swing Orchestra – All Day Swing-a-Thon!!!

May 2nd
Josh Mizruchi’s Recital – NEC

May 6th
Randy Pingrey Solo – 9:30 PM
St. John’s Church in JP

May 22nd
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Intercontinental Hotel
Boston, MA

May 23rd
Recording Session w/Mighty Groove

May 27th
Dave Roth’s Dixieland Early Risers 5:45 AM Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

May 30th
Roma Band – Somerville, MA

May 31st
Roma Band – Cambridge, MA

June 4th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Lexington, MA

June 8th
Omar Thomas‘ Recital – David Friend Recital Hall – 7:30 PM
Berklee College of Music – Boston, MA

June 9th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Northeastern University

June 12th
A Mighty Groove at Porterbelly’s Pub – Brighton Center, MA

June 22nd
Randy Pingrey – Solo Trombone
James Wylie – Solo Saxophone
The Outpost – Cambridge, MA – 8 PM

June 25th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Swing Dance, hosted by Ron Della Chiesa
Clarion Hotel – Hull, MA, 8:15 pm

July 3rd
Roma Band – Randolph, MA

July 4th
Roma Band – Hingham & Norwood, MA

July 10th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

July 11th
Roma Band – North End

July 18th
Roma Band – North End

July 21st
Ryan Dragon’s Senior Recital – Berklee College of Music 4PM

East Coast Tour with the Jacob Zimmerman Quartet

July 21st – The Outpost in Cambridge, MA – 8 PM
-with 3Bone: T. Plsek, R. Dragon, & R. Pingrey – trombones
July 23rd – Hartford, CT
July 25th – The Downtown Music Gallery in New York, NY – 6 PM
July 29th – Philladelphia, PA
July 30th – Douglass Street in Brooklyn, NY

Jacob Zimmerman – saxophone
Joe Moffett – trumpet
Jesse Ward – guitar
Randy Pingrey – trombone

Watch this space for additional details!

August 5th
Brian Friedland Ensemble @ St. John’s Church in JP

August 7th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – opening for Shakespeare on the Common
Boston, MA

August 14th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

August 15th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Wedding
New Rochelle, NY

August 16th
John Licata’s Trombone Madness @ B.Good (across the street from the 150 Mass Ave Berklee building) – 6 PM to 7:30 PM

August 17th
John Licata’s Trombone Madness @ the Outpost – 8 PM

August 18th
Olson Pingrey Quartet at the Fireplace

August 22nd
Beantown Swing Orchestra

August 25th
Beantown Swing Orchestra – Swing Dance, hosted by Ron Della Chiesa
Clarion Hotel – Hull, MA, 8:15 pm

August 28th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

September 4th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

September 6th
Trombone Choir – Newburyport, MA

September 18th
Olson Pingrey Quartet Recording Session @ Rotary Records
West Springfield, MA

Randy Pingrey – trombone
Kathy Olson – bari sax
Mark Zaleski – bass
Austin McMahon – drums

September 22nd
Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra at the Berklee Performance Center – 9 PM

September 25th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

October 1st
Beantown Swing Orchestra

October 9th
Ryan Cunningham’s Recital – NEC, Brown Hall – 8:30 PM

October 10th
Roma Band

October 11th
The Solitary Trombone – directed by Randy Pingrey
8 PM – The Outpost: Cambridge, MA

Solo trombone performances by:
Clayton Dewalt
McMillan Gaither
Alex Heitlinger
Tim Lienhard
Randy Pingrey
Tom Plsek
Grant Randall
David Roth
Arthur Thovmasian

October 16th
w/ Ritmo Masacote at Ryles – 9 PM

October 23rd
Beantown Swing Orchestra

October 29th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

October 30th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

November 5th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

November 11th
Roma Band – Remembrance Day

November 11th
James Wylie Sextet – St. John’s Church, Jamaica Plain
8 PM, $10

November 13th
Olson Pingrey Quartet Mixing Session
New OPQ Studio record, coming soon!

November 20th
Haffner Sinfonietta
Brandeis University – 8 PM

November 29th
The Outpost – Cambridge, MA – 8 PM

Randy Pingrey – trombone/composition
James Wylie – alto sax
Ezra Weller – trumpet

December 1st
Solo Trombone at Medicine Wheel – 2-2:30 PM
110 K Street
South Boston, MA 02127

December 4th
Ritmo Masacote

December 5th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

A Swinging Holiday Weekend:
December 10th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

December 11th
Beantown Swing Orchestra

December 21st
Metal & Glass Ensemble – 8 PM
Third Life Studios
33 Union Sq. (Somerville Ave) 02143


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