Chasing after Derek Bailey (Trio and Part Two of my Solo Experiment)

No time to write right now, but I wanted to put up a sneak peak of my very new project with a trio of horns.  These are the three tunes we’re going to play tomorrow night at Rutman’s.  James was so kind as to bring his recording device to the rehearsal:

Thrashing on a Riff
Piece for Trio

Working with James (the saxophonist) and Joe (the trumpeter) is a real pleasure – they are both so wonderful!  Please come on 6/26 and check out how these pieces have developed since we recorded them a few days ago.

I’ve also continued to work on solo playing.  Here are a few tracks I recorded on the 22nd or 23rd:


It’s a small step forward in the development of a certain type of solo voice.  I’ll try and update later, with my thoughts on what I’ve worked on since my last entry.


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