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More Melancholy, Less Science

A Melancholy Science
at Outpost 186 – November 29th, 2010

Randy Pingrey – trombone
James Wylie – alto sax
Ezra Weller – trumpet

Part 1: The Changing Same
for George Lewis

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

Part 2: 3 Things I Know about Her
for JLG






Part 3: Coda

Improvisation for Brian

Shostakovich’s Prelude for Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone

It was an incredible honor to share this performance with James and Ezra – they both sound so wonderful.  Their performances are totally amazing: they are both virtuosic instrumentalists and brilliant improvisers.  James and Ezra (if you ever read this): thank you so much!

I really enjoyed this performance, and I’m quite happy to present the entire concert here.  There are a few suggestions I have to the listener for fun, unusual ways to experience this music (other than listening to each track separately, of course):

1) Try listening to all 6 versions of The Changing Same simultaneously.
2) Try listening to all 3 Things at the same time, and compare what you hear to the 2 Shes.  Hopefully they sound similarly to you.
3) Try listening to “Improvisation” and the prelude at the same time.  Unlike the previous two things, they weren’t originally meant to go together, but somehow they do…

I hope you enjoy the music!  Feel free to download the tunes – I think they sound a little better that way (as opposed to streaming) – and share them with all of your friends.  Thank you very much for listening.

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Randy Pingrey Trio – March 23rd 2010


Four Decembers (previously performed here)

Randy Pingrey: trombone
James Wylie: alto sax
Ezra Weller: trumpet

Look at the score to Stupor (pdf).

The RPT performed as part of the third Boston Comprovised concert.  As always, our very sincere thanks goes out to Dan VanHassel and Travis Alford for having us play.  Thanks guys!

Stupor was a totally new composition for the trio, and it’s the first, cautious, step into writing more traditionally notated material.  Like many of my peers, the music of Steve Lacy has been a really eye-opening influence, and the new tune is a little tip of the hat to Mr. Lacy.

As always, thank you very much for listening!


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March 7th

Randy Pingrey Trio/Quartet at the Kaji Aso Studio

Scribe – for Morton Feldman

Thriving – for Anton Webern

Short Notes – for Anthony Braxton

Grock (Solo Trombone) – for Luciano Berio

Long Notes – for Anthony Braxton

Four Decembers – for Earle Brown

Randy Pingrey – trombone
Ezra Weller – trumpet
Chris Veilleux – alto sax, flute
and special guest – Kathy Olson – flute

On March 7th, the Randy Pingrey Trio +1 opened for Shaw Pong Liu’s amazing Ligeti string quartet project.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way the evening turned out – Ezra, Chris, and Kathy all played amazingly (check out the end of Short Notes for some pretty sick ensemble playing), and it was the first time I heard Ligeti’s first String Quartet (it was stunning).  As always, thank you very much for listening!

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Variations on a Theme – October 1st

Variations on a Theme by Salvatore Pugliese

Randy Pingrey Trio – October 1st, 2009 at St. John’s Episcopal Church

First Variation

Second Variation

 Third Variation

Fourth Variation

Subsequent Variations

Randy Pingrey – trombone, piano, tape recorder, etc.
James Wylie – alto sax, tape recorder, etc.
Jerry Sabatini – trumpet, tape recorder, etc.

Feel free to download or stream all of these files.  Be aware: Subsequent Variations is quite a large file.


On October 1st, the Randy Pingrey Trio played this hour-long piece.  My goal was to create my first evening-length work, and in the spirit of past trio performances, I wanted the piece to reflect the vibe of the venue and of the performance opportunity.  We played in a giant, old church at night, with just enough light to see the written music.

The piece consists of oblique variations on a hymn, which is performed every year in Cambridge, MA during the Feast of Cosmos and Damien.  I originally learned the melody when I was playing at the feast from Salvi Pugliese, the musical director and lead trumpeter with the Roma Band – an organization which I play with a lot during the summer months.

Special thanks goes to Peter Terry for having us play, to James and Jerry for their excellent performances, and for all the people that came to check it out.

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Working on Music

October 1st is quickly approaching!  I’m hard at work finishing this damn piece – right now I’m a little stuck, I have about 2/3rds of it written out but the last third is proving to be quite difficult to come up with!  Please come on October 1st to see what happens!  Hopefully I’ll be able to post some clips late tomorrow night from our rehearsal.

Stay tuned!

working on oct1


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October 1st – A Sneak Peak

Here is a draft of the first half of what we’ll be playing on October 1st at St. John’s in JP:

october 1st

Are you curious what it will sound like?  Me too!  Hopefully I’ll be able to post some rehearsal recordings sometime early next week.

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Coming to a town near you…

boy with sling

The first rehearsal is late next week – hopefully it will get recorded so I can put a few tracks up here.  Please come to the show!

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