My Routine

“The routine” is something that a lot of brass players do every morning to keep their chops in order.  At different points in my life I’ve experimented with the Adam Routine, Remington Exercises, and the Caruso Method (and others).  Each approach has taught me something different about playing trombone.  For the last few years, I’ve gotten into a really good groove with a set of exercises that have helped me develop into a more well-rounded trombonist and I decided it would be fun to put them up here.  I don’t think this is the end-all/be-all of routines, but I’ve found it very helpful, and I hope a few of you do too.

I’ve been really lucky to have some of the best brass teachers out there.  Big shout out to: Rodney Hudson, Phil Ostrander, Robin Eubanks, Norman Bolter, and Tom Plsek – my main trombone teachers over the years.  And John Faieta and Gabe Langfur, too.  Thanks for everything, guys!

PDF Files:

randys routine 1
randys routine 2

randys routine 1

randys routine 2

Happy practicing!


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