Changing up the routine

Practicing a routine every morning can be a precarious balancing act between a zen-like meditation on trombone fundamentals and a disturbed obsession that eventually leads to boredom.  I joke, but I’ve been recently looking for ways to vary my routine (which you can read more about here and here).  I came up with this variation a few days ago and even though it’s still relatively untested, I like it a lot so far.  Here it is:

pivot slurs

pivot lip slurs

I like it for a few reasons.  First, it shifts the emphasis from the bottom of the trombone’s range to the middle and upper registers.  Second, I’m thinking it will be a  more efficient use of my time in the practice room (although, like I mentioned before, I haven’t been practicing this way for very long).  Third, it’s a combination of the really fundamental lip slur routine I’ve been doing for years and the partial skipping lip slurs I got into about a year ago.

As always, happy practicing!


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  1. RachelMonroe22

    I like this one a lot—thanks for posting

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