Randy Pingrey Trio – March 23rd 2010


Four Decembers (previously performed here)

Randy Pingrey: trombone
James Wylie: alto sax
Ezra Weller: trumpet

Look at the score to Stupor (pdf).

The RPT performed as part of the third Boston Comprovised concert.  As always, our very sincere thanks goes out to Dan VanHassel and Travis Alford for having us play.  Thanks guys!

Stupor was a totally new composition for the trio, and it’s the first, cautious, step into writing more traditionally notated material.  Like many of my peers, the music of Steve Lacy has been a really eye-opening influence, and the new tune is a little tip of the hat to Mr. Lacy.

As always, thank you very much for listening!



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3 responses to “Stupor

  1. Ben

    Love the recording of ‘Stupor.’ I can hear the Steve Lacy connection but I was wondering if there was a specific composition or recording of his that inspired you directly?

  2. Randy

    Hey Ben!

    Thanks! When I was writing Stupor there were no specific Steve Lacy tunes I had in mind, although “The Bath” (and specifically the recording he made with Roswell Rudd in the 90’s of the tune) is probably most closely related to “Stupor”.

  3. Randy

    Also, in Steve Lacy’s book “Findings” (have you checked that out? it’s pretty cool…) the stuff on composition really inspired some ideas for me.

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