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New Music for Saxophone Quartet

Premonition – R. Pingrey

Short Piece – R. Pingrey

Mark Zaleski – alto sax (solo on Premonition)
Rick Stone – alto sax
Sean Berry – tenor sax
Kathy Olson – bari sax

I originally performed Premonition in a very different sort of quartet with James Wylie, Assaf Shatil, and Scott Halligan during the Spring of 2009 (listen to the original version here).  It was a real pleasure to hear it played again by Mark, Rick, Sean, and Kathy.

Short Piece is brand new, written in late July and early August.  One day after one of their first rehearsals, Rick Stone and I were talking about the anxieties of writing for a group like the saxophone quartet.  Neither of us are “composers-with-a-capital-C”, and the notion of writing for a group without a rhythm section was quite daunting.  Rick mentioned that whatever he wrote would probably be short and not very good, so we challenged each other to write the shortest, most disappointing piece possible.  Such a notion is a very interesting tool to spur on creativity, and – ironically – I’m very happy with the result.  Rick’s piece was also totally rockin’.

Also, I’ve never not been involved with the performance of a piece of mine, and it was a very unusual sensation, to say the least, to hear my music played by other folks.  If you happen to be a member of a saxophone quartet, and you’re interested in performing one of these pieces, I’d be very happy to email you PDF files of the parts if you drop me a line.

As always, thank you for listening!

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Music for Lonely Folks

Music for Lonely Folks
Randy Pingrey – trombone, paper, tape

Ellipsis and Ellipsis

Straight Talk



Not Even Electronic

Déjà vu

And Ellipsis

And a taste of what’s to come:

Every solo concert is a learning opportunity, and this one was no different.  I found myself going back to little motives over and over again – there was the allure of a certain dominant-to-tonic lick, an odd minor third in the upper register here and there, some fragments of old standards (maybe because it was Valentine’s Day) – and it helped anchor the structure of these improvisations.

Special thanks goes to Derek Beckvold and Andrew Hock for sharing the evening with me – they both did long-form solos which were totally amazing (you can listen to Andrew’s set here).  Also, extra special thanks goes to Rob Chalfen for running the Outpost: its casual radicalism makes it one of my favorite places to play.

And thank you for checking out the music!

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The OPQ Outpost EP

Olson Pingrey Quartet at the Outpost

On the DL by Randy Pingrey

Tygart Valley by Kathy Olson

Low Contrast by Randy Pingrey

High Contrast by Randy Pingrey

Kathy Olson – bari sax
Randy Pingrey – trombone
Mark Zaleski – bass
Austin McMahon – drums

Recorded on 2/6/11 from 5:01 PM to 5:38 PM in Cambridge, MA.
Thanks to Mark and Austin for being totally amazing to work with and to Rob Chalfen for having us play.

Unfortunately, due to a technical mishap that was entirely the trombonist’s fault, we weren’t able to record the entire performance of the OPQ’s recent hit at the Outpost.  Missing from this documentation is the incredibly brave performance Kathy gave on her Blues for Mac, the group’s nuanced reading of Stone Age Rhumba, and the deep, odd-metered pocket of Mark and Austin’s work on Reverie.  At least we have something from the gig, and I hope you enjoy the tunes!

Things have been pretty quiet here at Trombonist-at-Large for the past month.  That’s something I hope to change very soon!  Keep yer’ eyes peeled!

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More Melancholy, Less Science

A Melancholy Science
at Outpost 186 – November 29th, 2010

Randy Pingrey – trombone
James Wylie – alto sax
Ezra Weller – trumpet

Part 1: The Changing Same
for George Lewis

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

The Changing Same

Part 2: 3 Things I Know about Her
for JLG






Part 3: Coda

Improvisation for Brian

Shostakovich’s Prelude for Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone

It was an incredible honor to share this performance with James and Ezra – they both sound so wonderful.  Their performances are totally amazing: they are both virtuosic instrumentalists and brilliant improvisers.  James and Ezra (if you ever read this): thank you so much!

I really enjoyed this performance, and I’m quite happy to present the entire concert here.  There are a few suggestions I have to the listener for fun, unusual ways to experience this music (other than listening to each track separately, of course):

1) Try listening to all 6 versions of The Changing Same simultaneously.
2) Try listening to all 3 Things at the same time, and compare what you hear to the 2 Shes.  Hopefully they sound similarly to you.
3) Try listening to “Improvisation” and the prelude at the same time.  Unlike the previous two things, they weren’t originally meant to go together, but somehow they do…

I hope you enjoy the music!  Feel free to download the tunes – I think they sound a little better that way (as opposed to streaming) – and share them with all of your friends.  Thank you very much for listening.

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OPQ – April 24th, 2010

An evening with The Olson Pingrey Quartet – April 24th, 2010
La Luna Cafe – Cambridge, MA

First Set:

Deed I Do by Fred Rose, arranged by Kathy Olson

Stone Age Rhumba by Randy Pingrey

Sangfroid by Kathy Olson

Gary’s Notebook by Lee Morgan, arranged by Kathy Olson

Stella by Starlight by Victor Young (no trombone)

Tygart Valley by Kathy Olson

Second Set:

High Contrast by Randy Pingrey

Reverie by Kathy Olson

Take the A Train by Billy Strayhorn (no bari)

Low Contrast by Randy Pingrey

Kathy Olson – bari sax
Randy Pingrey – trombone
Chad Gray – bass
Austin McMahon – drums

High Contrast is a new tune – check out the score right here (pdf file). 

It is the second of a series of three “contrast” tunes.  The third tune, No Contrast, has yet to be completed, but will probably be played at the next Olson Pingrey Quartet gig.

Kathy and I had a wonderful time, and we hope you enjoy the performance.  Chad and Austin tore it up, didn’t they?  Thank you for listening!

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Coming April 24th:

Listen to past performances here and here.  We’re really looking forward to playing, and there will be some new tunes!

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Randy Pingrey Trio – March 23rd 2010


Four Decembers (previously performed here)

Randy Pingrey: trombone
James Wylie: alto sax
Ezra Weller: trumpet

Look at the score to Stupor (pdf).

The RPT performed as part of the third Boston Comprovised concert.  As always, our very sincere thanks goes out to Dan VanHassel and Travis Alford for having us play.  Thanks guys!

Stupor was a totally new composition for the trio, and it’s the first, cautious, step into writing more traditionally notated material.  Like many of my peers, the music of Steve Lacy has been a really eye-opening influence, and the new tune is a little tip of the hat to Mr. Lacy.

As always, thank you very much for listening!


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