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New Music for Saxophone Quartet

Premonition – R. Pingrey

Short Piece – R. Pingrey

Mark Zaleski – alto sax (solo on Premonition)
Rick Stone – alto sax
Sean Berry – tenor sax
Kathy Olson – bari sax

I originally performed Premonition in a very different sort of quartet with James Wylie, Assaf Shatil, and Scott Halligan during the Spring of 2009 (listen to the original version here).  It was a real pleasure to hear it played again by Mark, Rick, Sean, and Kathy.

Short Piece is brand new, written in late July and early August.  One day after one of their first rehearsals, Rick Stone and I were talking about the anxieties of writing for a group like the saxophone quartet.  Neither of us are “composers-with-a-capital-C”, and the notion of writing for a group without a rhythm section was quite daunting.  Rick mentioned that whatever he wrote would probably be short and not very good, so we challenged each other to write the shortest, most disappointing piece possible.  Such a notion is a very interesting tool to spur on creativity, and – ironically – I’m very happy with the result.  Rick’s piece was also totally rockin’.

Also, I’ve never not been involved with the performance of a piece of mine, and it was a very unusual sensation, to say the least, to hear my music played by other folks.  If you happen to be a member of a saxophone quartet, and you’re interested in performing one of these pieces, I’d be very happy to email you PDF files of the parts if you drop me a line.

As always, thank you for listening!


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Solo Trombone – Recorded on September 16th and 17th, 2009
Cambridge, MA

Missing You

Before I Step Outside

Avoiding One’s Company


Randy Pingrey: trombone


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any solo work – the last time was in mid-June.  I feel very different than that trombonist who recorded those tracks three months ago.  I no longer have the time to be constantly obsessing about technique and virtuosity.  I mourn the loss of that time, but the very lack of time that has made it seemingly impossible to work on trombone mechanics has also taught me something about the power of ideas over the allure of chops.  Anyways, I think “Missing You” – which is dedicated to my sweetie, Kathy Olson – and “Decay” are two of the best solo pieces I’ve ever tried.  I hope you enjoy the music.

Also – I’m very very excited about this:

October 1st
Randy Pingrey Trio – 8:00 PM @ St. John’s Episcopal Church

     Revere St. & Roanoke Ave., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
     T Stop: Green Street on the Orange Line

Randy Pingrey – trombone
James Wylie – saxophone and clarinet
Jerry Sabatini – trumpet

Please come and check it out!  It’s going to be a really fun night – it’s an amazingly beautiful space, and all the music will be brand new!  There’s never been a finer way to spend a fall evening!

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New Tracks from the Kathy Olson Quartet


Here are a few selected tracks from our August 19th gig at the Fireplace in Brookline, MA.

On the DL by Randy Pingrey

T42 by Randy Pingrey

Check out the score to T42 here. (pdf)

Blues for Mac by Kathy Olson

Tygart Valley by Kathy Olson

Smoochin by Kathy Olson

Kathy Olson – bari sax
Randy Pingrey – trombone
Plamen Karadonev – piano
Brad Barrett – bass

Don’t Kathy, Plamen, and Brad all sound great?  I really had a fantastic time – special thanks to the Fireplace for having us!

Kathy and I are playing at La Luna Cafe in Cambridge, MA on Friday, August 21st at 10PM, with a different band – the aforementioned Mulligan/Brookmeyer concept band.  Please come and hear us play!


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